81% think less of a brand if its website is not up to date…

81% think less of a brand if its website is not up to date…

It probably goes without saying, but new research has shown that user experience and customer satisfaction on the web is more important than ever. Simple things like keeping your content up to date and fresh can have a huge impact on how you are perceived by potential customers and whether that prospect converts into a client. If you are putting effort into an organic SEO strategy or spending large budgets on PPC, then you could well be driving traffic to your website and still not be converting those visitors into customers, thus losing money, time and hard work.

Whilst the research was conducted in the US, we can only assume that a similar trend would surface in the UK and most other countries where the web has become second nature when looking to make a purchase or hire a service.

A survey of 1,013 US-based residents between the ages of 18 and 60 shows that a whopping 81% think less of a brand if its website is not up to date.

Surprisingly another major deciding factor is whether the website has a search facility or not, with almost a third of those surveyed saying that they are put-off by a lack of a search box. In fact, more than 40% of people say that a search box is the most important feature on any website.

But the research, conducted by Blue Fountain Media, also highlights what customers see as positive factors on a website.

What Do Customers Want in a Website?

It comes as no surprise, but ease of use is one of the top priorities, with 43% of people saying it makes their online experience better. 50% of the respondents also said that user content, such as photos and reviews, are also helpful when looking to make a purchase.

If you have ever considered utilising an Abandoned Cart feature (emailing a potential customer if they have exited the web page without finishing their checkout or they have left a product in the basket) then you may be interested to know that 25% of people said that it is their favourite feature on a website.

Something else that you may want to invest resource into is a dedicated app for your website. A huge 74% of those surveyed said that they overwhelmingly appreciate when a business has its own app available.

What about Personal Data and Privacy?

Privacy and personal data was a hot topic in 2018 with the introduction of GDPR law and will no doubt continue to be in the spotlight going forward. However, 41% of people don’t mind if a website stores their personal data so long as it is securely stored and is used to improve the user experience. On the other hand 36% are still cautious about their privacy online.

How do Ads Affect Customer Experience?

When ads appear on social media based on a user’s browsing habits and history, only 9% of those surveyed say it’s a positive thing – around 26% feel negative about these types of ads appearing on their social media feeds.

On the flip-side, 50% of those surveyed say they appreciate the convenience of being shown tailored ads but are weary of how else their data is being processed and used.