10 Mistakes Not To Make With Your Content In 2017

10 Mistakes Not To Make With Your Content In 2017

As we move into a new year of content development, we have put together a list of 10 mistakes not to make with your content marketing in 2017. In an ever changing landscape content marketing is an extremely important aspect of SEO, particularly with the rise of social media. Don’t make these mistakes in 2017.

1 – Not keeping your blog up to date and consistent

There are millions of blogs on the internet that are created, maintained for a short period of time and then never properly looked after or updated.

Make sure your websites blog doesn’t fall into this trap. Not having a well maintained and relevant blog means you will be missing out on inbound leads, traffic opportunities, and losing the interest (including click-throughs) of your readers.

Maintaining your blog and using it as a part of your marketing strategy can help increase all of the points raised above.

Users want more relevant content, and they want to access it through blogs. Get on a consistent blog publishing schedule and you are sure to see more inbound traffic during 2017.

2 – Ignoring email marketing chances

Producing a successful email marketing campaign can be extremely profitable for your business. It can help generate a subscriber base, allowing you to keep your brand and business fresh in the mind of your clients.

Some people can be put off email marketing after past experiences where click-through rates haven’t been what they expected. But using the following can help make your email a success:

  • Make your emails mobile-responsive
  • Adding multiple Call-To-Actions (CTA’s)
  • Using custom social media links

Finally make a catchy and memorable subject line which will create the doorway to your content.

3 – Don’t misuse your social media channels

Social media is such a powerful tool for content marketing and the best part of is, that it is free! They allow you to promote your content to a wider audience – but it is often misused.

If you do not understand your audience, if you don’t pay attention to your competitors and you fail to engage with users you are missing out on huge opportunities.

If you don’t have a social media presence, you need one – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat are all powerful social tools. If you do have one and you don’t post consistently, 2017 is the time to start.

4 – Checking grammar and punctuation

This may sound simple but it is another thing that is often overlooked. Make sure your there, their, and there are all correct. Get your apostrophes in the right place.

Always have another set of eyes (or two) look over your content and check for grammar mistakes.

There is nothing worse than clicking through to an interesting blog and seeing poor grammar.

5 – Not focusing on SEO

By ignoring relevant content development, stuffing keywords, overloading your website, and allowing content to become stale, we are missing out on top rankings that may be rightfully ours to own.

While we may never see SEO come to completion, we can keep up by staying in step with changing technology and providing the best content in the most efficient way possible.

6 – Quantity over quality

Make sure that when producing content you always choose quality over quantity. Having 1000 blogs on your site that are completely unrelated to your area of expertise or are rehashed from other websites is a huge mistake.

Keep the quality high, make sure it has an impact on your audience and you will see many more likes, shares and retweets.

7 – Ignoring relevant content

Make sure your content gets the best results by making it relevant. A reader see’s a headline that grabs their attention, appeals to their interest etc. They click-through, if they find the content interesting and relevant they will share/like it.

Their friends and colleagues then see it, and do the same.

In short, take the time to understand your audience and create content that attracts them to your page.

8 – Using one tactic

When creating content the average marketer uses 13 tactics including social media channels, blogs, infographics, and videos. Sticking to just one tactic limits the impact and reach of your content.

Don’t be afraid to try new tactics with your content – the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work and you move onto the next challenge.

9 – Having no goals for your content

You should aim to create relevant, engaging content not just noise.

Your content needs to have a goal and drive. It has to help to promote your brand, create awareness of your expertise and drive traffic to your website.

Set goals for your content. Develop a keyword list. Find out what your audience wants. Write in a style that appeals to readers.

Once you have these aspects sorted, create regular content (blogs, social media, and images) that fit into your strategy. Then adapt as your audience changes and grows.

10 – Not optimising for mobile

Mobile devices are now so important for your content and have complete changed the way users access it.

It is essential for you to optimise your content not just for websites but mobile as well.