Google’s New Q&A Feature For Maps

Google’s New Q&A Feature For Maps

Google is implementing a question and answer feature to its Google Maps app for Android users. This feature won’t be too different to what you would expect on Travel review sites such as the likes of Expedia and TripAdvisor.

Google My Business team member Marissa Nordahl said “We’re excited to announce that Google is bringing Questions and Answers to businesses.” The feature is being rolled out now to some businesses that use Google Maps for Android. These question and answers can be visible to users who view your Google Maps listing.”

This opens up the opportunity for businesses to add their most frequently asked questions directly to their own Maps listing as well as for searchers to submit their question. When a submitted query has been answered by the business, it will then show alongside the other Q&As listed by the business.

This feature requires the business to have access to an Android device with the Google Maps app and any newly submitted questions will send them a push notification. Of course, the benefit to this means they can respond as quickly as possible.

Another noteworthy feature of the new Maps Q&A service is the ability for businesses to ‘up vote’ questions submitted by other users in order to list it higher on their Q&As, particularly if they feel the question and answer will be highly useful for other searchers.

Businesses who adopt the new Q&A feature early will have the benefit of adding Q&As before they go live for everyone to see; at the moment you will only be able to see them for your own listing.

Google said “Over the next week we’ll start rolling out this feature more broadly, so that you’ll see the feature on listings other than your own, and other people will be able to ask and answer questions about your listing,”

So we can expect to see this new feature rolling out to the broader audience over the next week, however there has been no indication that it will be implemented on iOS as of yet.