Google’s new AMP Stories Format

Google’s new AMP Stories Format

Google recently released “AMP Stories”, a format that aims to give publishers a variety of storytelling options for the mobile web, though it also works on desktop too. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a second – many of you will see the similarities between AMP Stories and Snapchat or Instagram Stories (or even Yahoo News Digest).

The new AMP Stories feature has been presented to publishers for extensive feedback, and both the Washington Post and Hearst are very enthusiastic about the platform, stating that Google had taken a very consultative approach to the project from the get go.

Whilst Google have warned that the platform is still in an “experimental” stage, it’s obvious that AMP Stories will be a versatile way of presenting content in new and creative ways on the mobile web.

Google have also made the point that they are encouraging publishers to create content solely for Stories, as opposed to repurposing existing content for the platform. This would certainly resolve any concerns about canonical and content-consistency.

If you’re wondering what content would be best suited for AMP Stories, The Washington Post’s Lead Product Manager Dave Merrell has stated that the ideal type of content for AMP Stories is “a highly compelling and visual story that you can tell in a few slides.” He also thinks video within AMP Stories will be “a primary driver of engagement” for users.

As well as The Washington Post and Hearst, Google has been collaborating with the likes of CNN, Meredith, Mashable, Mic, Vox and Condé Nast to design and roll out AMP Stories.

Of course, with any type of content publishing medium, there is always the looming question about profitability and ad revenue. According to Brian Madden, SVP development of Hearst Digital Media, Google “thought about monetization right from the start”. The Washington Post’s Merrell observed, “We see a few different paths [to monetization]: interstitial display ads, video pre-roll and sponsored content.”

If you would like to see some examples of AMP Stories in all their glory, you can do so via the following link:,AmpStoriesDesktop::Promo