Google Waze Carpool Expanded To Rival Uber

Google Waze Carpool Expanded To Rival Uber

Uber is the world’s most popular taxi service, with their transportation network located in 545 cities worldwide. But they could soon be challenged by the Waze Carpool service.

Waze, owned by Google, have been trailing a pilot scheme in San Francisco Bay Area and Israel, with plans to expand to other North American cities and putting their own spin on rideshare experience.

Uber relies on paid drivers for its service to work, but Waze Carpool is run on the idea of matching passengers to Waze drivers who are going to the same destination. Drivers and passengers are paired by the similarity of their commutes based on their work and home addresses, according to Waze Carpool’s FAQ.

One of the major advantages of Waze Carpool seems to be the lower fares for journeys – with their rides proving to be less expensive than rival services. This is due to the fact passengers and drivers are just splitting the petrol money for the trip – the Waze Carpool rate currently doesn’t exceed the US federal mileage charge of 54 cents per mile.

Josh Fried, head of business development for Waze Carpool, said: “In early February, Waze announced the completed roll out of Waze Carpool in the San Francisco Bay Area, including in nine Bay Area counties and from Sacramento to Monterey.

“We look forward to potentially bringing Carpool to additional cities in the future but have no details to share at this time.”

However one of the downsides of the Waze Carpool service, is that it isn’t ‘on demand’ like Uber or Lyft. Passengers looking to use the service have to book their trips in advance, and outside of commute hours chances of finding a ride are much smaller. Waze Carpool also only allows for one passenger per ride.

While still in the early stages – it is another exciting development for Google as they expand their operations.