Google Tests More Results On Mobile

Google Tests More Results On Mobile

We can’t talk enough about mobile search lately, particularly with the imminent roll out of the mobile-first index, and Google seems to be shifting more and more focus on to developing their mobile interface and features.

Google have confirmed that they are testing a new mobile search feature and search refinement button. This new interface will feature less search results with a button to press for ‘more results’. In addition to this, Google is testing out buttons that will allow for search refinement directly in the search results snippets.

“We constantly experiment with new search formats and experiences to deliver the best experience for our users.”

Whilst not everybody is seeing these new features, you can view a screenshot below. From what has been seen, Google is showing as little as two or three organic results, only showing further listings once the ‘more results’ button has been pressed. The refinement buttons can also be seen in the screenshot at the top of the snippet.

The results that appear when pressing the ‘more results’ button are loaded dynamically underneath, meaning the page doesn’t have to refresh to display.

As usual, this is simply a test that has been occurring over the past few weeks, and it’s uncertain at this point whether Google will roll the update out. If they do, it would be an interesting development and would certainly make those top 3 spots even more sought-after real estate on the SERPs. Once more, it proves Google’s rapidly increasing focus on the mobile search landscape.