Google Rolls Out New AdWords Keyword Planner Interface

Google Rolls Out New AdWords Keyword Planner Interface

On overhauled version of AdWords Keyword Planner is beginning to roll out across the new AdWords interface. This new Keywords Planner boasts a streamlined workflow and matches the brand new AdWords interface by making use of Google’s Material Design. The new AdWords interface becomes apparent right from the start screen, where it condenses the multiple options and links into a minimalist view of just two options: Find New Keywords and Get metrics and forecasts for your keywords.

Let’s take a quick look at what other changes the new AdWords interface has to offer:

Keyword Ideas

The new Keyword planner displays the main Keyword Ideas chart with the inclusion of mobile search volumes (as well as the total monthly search volumes like the old version). The old version of the Keyword Ideas chart made mobile search volumes only available via the Search volume trends drop-down menu.

There are also two new metrics now available in Keyword Ideas. This includes Organic impression share and Organic average position; if the website ranks for the keywords in question and there is enough data available for analysis. The AdWords and Search Console accounts need to be linked for the users to see this data, and the columns need to be manually added to the Keyword Ideas report.


Unlike the old version, where users were required to set a bid to get forecasting, the new forecasts section of AdWords Keyword Planner immediately displays the total estimated performance impact, which includes max CPC, from the keywords. Users can also adjust bid settings by clicking the drop-down menu on the plan estimates or by selecting the max CPC field.

The new interface also allows users to view device and location breakouts via cards, as opposed to toggling between tabs and menus on the old interface. The metrics within these cards can also be adjusted.


At this stage, it’s difficult to see how widely the new Keyword Planner interface has been rolled out; some of you may not have it available in your AdWords account just yet.

The new interface will certainly take some getting used to, but the new streamlined features and prioritised data displayed seems to be a step in the right direction for what was a cumbersome and outdated Keyword Planner.