Google is officially testing “more results” button

Google is officially testing “more results” button

Google is officially testing a new button in mobile search results; rather than the user clicking to the next page of results, they can instead click a “more results” button, which will load additional search results below the current results. All of the search results from the first one to the last are on the same page, so it’s easy to go back up and down the list and check if you missed something.

This is a test that Google have been running for the past few days, accordingly to Google’s Danny Sullivan on Twitter.

They have tested a more results button in the past, in a more limited fashion, but it appears as though Google have now begun to increase the frequency that users will see this test. Up until now, the bottom of Google’s search results displayed related terms (when available) then a Next button that jumps to the next results on a new page.

At this moment in time the new ‘more results’ button is visible to most searchers, if not all, when searching using Google on their mobile devices.

This design interaction is commonly referred to as “load more”, whereas the old layout is called “pagination.” Both are arguably better than the “infinite scroll” option some websites and apps adopt (where the next parts are loaded automatically), since you can stop and load at will.

Is this “better” than what Google already offers? In theory it could mean less loading times which could make the experience more mobile-friendly. But how many mobile searchers would otherwise be jumping through multiple pages rather than redefining their search parameters?

Of course, this is still in its testing stages, so it’s unclear as to whether it will be rolled out as a final feature.