Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool Gets Two New Features

Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool Gets Two New Features

The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool has been given two new features, making PPC campaign workflow that little bit smoother, whilst at the same time giving you the necessary insights into who is seeing your paid ads.

Google’s Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool gives users an insight into which of their ads are appearing for particular keywords. In a nutshell, you can enter a search term into the tool and be presented with a preview of how the Google SERPs look like to the end-user. This makes the tool much better to use for testing rather than performing a manual search yourself, as it won’t affect any ad metrics. If you don’t see your ad for the search term you have tested, the tool will give you a diagnosis as to the reasons why. It’s all nifty stuff!

The two new features to be added to the tool give you a much more concise view of who is actually seeing your ads and also allows you to take swift action to get your ads to display if they aren’t already.

See which ads are displaying for a particular audience

Previously when using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool you could preview your ads using search term and location filters, however you were unable to filter by audience.

With the new additions to the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool, ‘Search Audiences’ has been included. By clicking on the Audience widget, you can then select the audience list. If you are currently using the “Targeting” setting (previously known as “Target and bid”) in your campaigns, you are able to view which of your ads are showing for your specified audience.

If the “Observation” setting (previously known as “Bid only”) is being used, you will be able to see how your advert may appear based on your bids for your specified audience; whether higher or lower.

Google Ad preview tool

Taking immediate action to get your ads to display

If you’re having difficulties getting your ad to display, the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool will now give you a reason as to why this may be the case.  In previous iterations, after you diagnosed the issue, you had to navigate back through your account to make the necessary alterations to get your ad to display.

However, with the updated features, you can now fix the issue directly within the tool, starting with adjustments to campaign budgets. If your ad isn’t showing due to issues with budget, you can click on the “edit budget” feature to make the changes directly.

Google PPC diagnosis tool

These updates make for a great improvement to PPC workflow and user experience whilst giving you the necessary insights into who is seeing your ads. As a PPC Agency, we’ve personally found the improvements to be extremely helpful – we’d love to hear your thoughts on the updates and how they’ve affected your campaign management.