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Digital Marketing

How to Successfully Build and Maintain Your Brand

Building a brand from the ground up is no easy task, and no doubt, you’ll have a lot of questions about the best way to go about it: What should my brand look like? How should it make people feel? Will it appeal to my target audience?

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Woman Live streaming a social media campaign

How to utilise influencer marketing for your business

It was not that long ago that ‘social influencing’ was a marketing strategy that employed the services of just the celebrities of this world. Then over the next few years, a few dedicated bloggers and vloggers paved the way for sponsored content. Now, with the fast advances in social media, a saturated market of influencers in all industries has made this marketing strategy commonplace.

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Affiliate Marketing Tracking

Google’s Disavow Tool: What To Do Before You Start

Google’s Penguin algorithm crawls through billions of pages, domains and backlinks each year to pinpoint suspicious content and safeguard web users.

Algorithm-assigned link penalties can turn successful, harmless websites into a deserted set of pages containing information on the internet.

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