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The UK legal market now holds a value in excess of £37 billion and both internal & external factors have seen rapid changes in the sector. 

Digital is more important to Law Firms than ever before and it is essential that marketing tactics are focused on client retention and the attraction of new audiences. SEO for legal firms is becoming the norm.

Unlike other digital agencies, we don’t take a segmented approach to your marketing strategy and say you need to increase ad spend or focus on SEO. We take a holistic approach to our analysis. We see how all the components of your digital presence should work together and tailor that to your requirements.

Are you struggling to attract new clients online? Does your website need modernising? Are you falling behind your competitors? Watch our video on the awesome results we’ve achieved in the legal industry.

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The Covid pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation in the legal sector. Online user behaviour, search intent, and customer journeys are changing fast.

We’re a digital agency that consistently thinks about tomorrow, and how we can keep your website and digital real estate up to speed with client retention and acquisition.

We focus on user experience and great content. Search traffic for terms are hugely increasing in legal and we know how to get you far more visible to a larger online audience.

Law firms SEO: Did you know?

  • 45% of Legal Services companies in the UK still don’t have a clear post-pandemic digital marketing strategy? There’s lots of opportunity to outstrip your competitors.
  • 78% of searches for the right law firm start with a search on Google. It’s crucial you occupy a top 10 spot.
  • 19,600 people searched for ‘Premium Property Lawyers’ in the UK last month. 14,800 searched for ‘Injury Lawyers’, and 5,000 people searched for ‘Divorce lawyers near me’.

How many enquiries did you get last month?

If the answer is not enough and you want to get more enquiries and more traffic then order a free website audit from us today and we’ll assess your site as well as suggest tailored strategies to maximise your marketing ROI.

Law Firms SEO is becoming even bigger during 2022. Read our informative blog on how SEO for the Legal Industry is making a massive difference to the number of leads some companies can generate online.

Let us turn your website into a lead generating machine.

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The market traffic is growing. Mobile sites are becoming more and more important. Does your website live up to the test?

Don’t miss the boat, future proof your legal services business today and order a free website review so we can start planning for your future success.

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SEO Training

We pride ourselves on transparency. Want to learn more about SEO or the full digital marketing mix before applying it to your business?

Not only do we offer a variety of completely free digital marketing guides and tips, but we provide professional SEO training services too!

Professional SEO Training

Bring your in-house team up to speed with our expert SEO training packages.
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