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Want a 5 Star Rating on Google?

Having your Google search results marked up with 5-star reviews not only builds trust with your audience but can also make your listing stand out from your competitors.
Many businesses overlook the power of review schema markup – don’t be one of them!

Schema provides you with a unique opportunity

Schema Markup is not new. In fact, schema is a collaboration project developed by the major search engines that began way back in 2011.

However, many companies still don’t utilise schemas for SEO. This provides you with a massive opportunity to get ahead online. Adding the review schema to your Google listing is proven to escalate visibility as well as increase your overall click-through rates.

Take a look at this Google search for ‘Spurs vs Liverpool tickets’ and let me ask you… which link are you going to click?

The one with the 5 star rating from over 2,000 reviews?

Yeah, we thought so too.

Schema Markup FAQs

How many reviews do I need and do my reviews need to be real?

To be able to apply the gold stars and review schema to your Google listing, technically speaking you don’t need a record of the reviews. It is a snippet of code and the values are added manually. However, we highly advise that you use a figure that is accurate and representative of your customer base and your service – the whole point of the schema is to establish that your brand is trustworthy from the outset!

With that in mind, You only need 1 review to get the ball rolling as we can put any number on your listing. 1 review is better than 0 reviews and the more that number goes up the more impressive your listing will be!

Do I have to get my reviews from Google?

No, if you have a few reviews on Trustpilot or a few on ReviewMe, or TripAdvisor, or Facebook, or from Google My Business page then you can aggregate your reviews and show the total number.

I don’t have any reviews to post, what do I do?

The best way to start getting reviews is to open up channels of communication with your existing customer base. Shoot off your customers an email or a LinkedIn message and ask if they don’t mind reviewing your product or service. If you’re a young company, people don’t mind helping out as they often like to be part of the process of a cub becoming a lion!

Where do you add schema markup in the header?

You add the schema markup code to your website typically via the theme editor. The pathway you may use is Theme > Edit HTML/CSS. Only on some platforms will structured data need to go in the header. In these cases, you need to manually update the theme file. 


We do recommend exercising caution when doing this as you can really mess up the settings on your website if this is done incorrectly. Soar Online provide perfect schema writing and upload as part of our SEO services. Best to let the experts implement this powerful code on your website.

How do you upload a schema markup to squarespace?

When you are in the Squarespace editor, head to the page you would like to add the structured data code to. Click on the gear icon on the right of the screen and then head to ‘advanced’. From there, you will be able to simply copy and paste your HTML code.

Will schema markup and rich snippets improve my SEO rankings?

Directly, no. Adding the snippets of schema code to your website will not take you from 6th to 3rd in the Google rankings. But this is not to say that they don’t come with essential benefits which boost your business’s visibility online.


Schema code makes your listing more eye-catching than your competitors, meaning that it adds value to your digital real estate on the search engine result pages… that’s always only ever going to be a good thing.


ConversionXL concluded in a research report that companies that have implemented the review schema code and have placed the gold stars on their Google listings, benefit from a 35% increase in their click-through rates. 


Not only that, it makes your website easier to read, theme and understand in the eyes of Google. There is a lot of SEO value in making your website easy for for the Google Gurus to understand.

How soon does it take for schema markup to show?

Once implemented on your website, the schema markup code could take anywhere from a couple of days to up to a month to start showing on your Google listings.


This depends on how regularly or consistently the Google spiders crawl your website. You can use Google’s Rich Result Testing Tool to check the eligibility of your code. For anybody not well-versed in HTML or attaching snippets of code to the back-end of websites, we suggest having the experts at Soar Online handle the implementation of your schema. If you get it wrong, the schema will never show and it may be difficult for you to understand why.

How do you add schema markup to a WordPress site?

There are two ways to add structured data to your WordPress site: either manually or through plugins. If you are opting to implement the schema code manually, you will need to use an online schema generator that helps you in building the correct code. You can then add that code to the required section on your website via the child theme. 

Or, you can install a plugin, like Code Snippets, which will ease the process of code generation and implementation.

Are there any other types of Schema other than review?

Yes, there are many types of Schema. Remember Schema is a way of telling the search engines more information about your business/offering. With Schema markup your content will be indexed and returned in the search results in a more unique and eye-catching way.

There is also data markup for: articles, book reviews, TV episodes, restaurants, events, FAQs, and products. To understand more about all the different types and benefits, read our full and comprehensive guide on the importance of schema markup.

Why Review Schema Markup is Important

Review Schema helps your listing stand out from the crowd, particularly if your competitors aren’t utilising it!

It also builds trust with your audience, letting them know that you’re a business that takes pride in giving its customers a top-notch service.

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